Getting decent information from the news is NOT EASY.  However, there are some really serious proposals under consideration, all having nothing to do with “death panels” or which are not being highlighted in regular media coverage.  My hope is to provide some small amount of insight into 1-2 issues a week that you maybe heard about in passing, but which could have powerful and lasting effects on our Nation, and on our ability to quit being health care underachievers (you can’t argue with this).

What’s your bias?

While I like what I do professionally, and my personal bias is towards disruptive, innovative solutions and deregulation over time, I know there are very, VERY smart people out there who passionately believe otherwise. I am a “decline-to-state” voter (you seriously don’t want to know what the Independent Party really is in California…).  I find myself persuaded by both sides of many arguments.

This year’s reform is a pretty rowdy little sh*tstorm, so I thought I’d give myself a break from just repeating the industry lines for a while, and take some time to understand the other 80 sides of the coin.

Hope this is helpful and at least mildly interesting.


~ by Kathryn Bailey on September 22, 2009.

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